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LTD Venture Capital
We are a early-stage venture capital fund. We're looking to invest in big ideas and those entrepreneurs who need capital to turn their ideas into realities. LTD VC They see the world for what it could be.

LTD Properties
LTD Properties specializes in real estate sales and investments

LTD Capital
LTD Capital offers innovative investment solutions that provide enhanced diversification and robust return potential. With proven money management expertise and industry experience, we are setting new standards in delivering alternative investment products and services to our investors.

LTD Developments
LTD Developments specializes in land acquisition and site development. We provide comprehensive site planning, land use entitlement, and develop extensive site selection criteria throughout the Western United States.

LTD Homes
A premier builder of luxury houses and town homes in the Northwest.  If you know quality, you will know of LTD Homes.

LTD Real Estate
With over 20 years with experience in commercial real estate, development, real estate syndication and residential real estate, we have successfully completed over 500 transactions, representing both buyers and sellers. Whether selling or buying, LTD Real Estate's depth of knowledge and skilled negotiation ability makes us the real estate company you will want on your side.

LTD Information Architects
LTD Information Architects was founded to bridge the gap between the business world and the people they wished to reach. Our mission, goal, and guarantee, is for you and your company to catch the World’s attention.

Brokerage In A Box is a real estate product that combines the latest online technologies with creative, focused identity branding and design. Brokerage In A Box includes many different features which can establish your online identity as a broker.

Its time to realize economies of scale are the way to a successful low cost enterprise.  Not everyone has the luxury of having the unlimited budget that is needed to pay for all necessary overhead.  At GetStrategic.com we maximize economies of scale and deliver results for your small to medium size home business.

LTD DigitalDiet.com
For any fitness program to be a success, it needs to be one that is easy to follow and sees results. Our online personal trainer program is just that and eliminates the confusion and shows you exactly what is needed to achieve the results you want. By taking way the guesswork, your very own online personal trainer will help you avoid the common mistakes that can waste your time and effort. Our goal is to have you seeing the results as soon as possible. You'll will see and discover that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and physical activity for the rest of your life!

LTD Partners
We were organized to help you, the small business owner, focus on your core revenue stream.  By outsourcing administrative tasks to a trusted team of individuals, you have the opportunity to focus your time and effort on earning revenue and supporting your clients.

Belltown Wiki.com
Belltown Wiki gives residence, owners and prospective buyers the ability to pool together their collective thinking and populate this site with helpful information about Belltown Condos. The power behind this wiki is its ability to allow people - especially those who are not familiar with the area - to educate themselves and or contribute, and connect with others to share knowledge of the given condo.

No matter the size, any company needs a solid business model.  In order to survive, start up companies models need to be seamless and their execution of these plans from the outset is what determines companies that will stay for the long haul. In order to survive you just achieve sustainable growth and do it quickly. This is what separates the successful companies from those that fail and do not make it past the difficult start up phase. We help those companies that need assistance in developing initial business strategies, developing go-to-market plans, or evaluating potential exit strategies. Startup companies need assistance from someone who has been there.

Everyone is making more of a Clay Bennett issue and less of a strategic business decision.  Even multi millionaires do not like to loose money, let alone the 40 million relo fee, plus 35+ million to buy out the lease, plus the millions to buy out office leases, plus the actual costs to rename, plus the headaches to move a team that does not want to be moved. Clay and and the Professional Basketball Club saw an opportunity while waiting for the Hornets to get out of their lease in New Orleans, he could buy a team, renew the lease and sell the team and with the profit alone, buy the Hornets.  This perfect plan was ruined when runn
ing in to the trifecta of indecision, Gov. Chris Gregoire, King County Executive Ron Sims and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.  Little did Clay and his team know how difficult it would be to get these three liberals to realize what is best for city.  After all it took these three OVER A YEAR to realize they needed to form a team to make a decision something needed to be done... HUH?!?!?!